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Orchid Visions

Orchid Visions is a costa rican band of melodic Goth Metal, it was founded in mid-September 2006 in the province of Heredia, by the guitarist Michael Hernandez, who has being the only member that has remained since its inception. His name is defined in the band, as well as the orchid, that it always look for acquiring new features so as to be able to survive in the environment in which it is found and with this the band demonstrate greater musical versatility in the national and international scene. Beginnings: Michael Hernandez and his cousin Rodney started the band composing original songs in English and by mid-September 2006 began to test their first songs, at the beginning of 2007 began recording its first material that bore the same name of the band: "Orchid Visions", and it was recorded, mixed and mastered by both. The recording ended and was recorded at the end of the same year with the inclusion of the singer Giovanna Chacon. Its initial sound was quite hard rockers and influences of classic heavy metal in which emerging topics such as "Archangel", "Red Moon", "Scarlet Death", "Epic poem", among others ... The distribution of its first material was quite small and the majority of the time it was downloaded from the network, yet welcomed a good number of followers for their first years since attracted the fact of having a female melodic voice. In 2008, the band had quite a bit of activity in the Costa Rican scene in both small and large music festivals in San José, among them: "Summer Festival in the CENAC 2008" and "Fete de la Musique 2008 ". During that time the alignment was Giovanna Chacon (voices), Rodney Calvo (bass), Michael Hernandez (guitar) and Carlos Quesada (battery, also drummer of the band of celtic music "Peregrino Gris" ). Phase II: By the end of the same year and the beginning of 2009, Giovanna, Rodney and finally decide to take Carlos directions separately, leaving Michael with the future of the band. At that precise moment they started to create songs with more melodic nuances, but with heavier riffs, double bass drum in the battery, a second guitar and harmony with two female voices promoting a little more the dramatic arts and with that intention, for the year 2010 began a new phase in the alignment of the band including Karla Hernandez and Gina Vega (lead vocals), Rodrigo Lépiz (guitar), Bryan "Nightwish" (bass), Gabriel Valerio (drums) and Michael Hernandez (guitar). With this new style had the greatest attraction of the written press and radio media, bringing them to their first concert outside of the country "Red September Headbangers Panama" in Panama City during the month of September of the same year. The return of Panamanian land, it was decided to include in the alignment to the drummer Nazgul (also drummer of the Black Metal band "Mortigor" ), which becomes an important part in the band bringing new ideas to follow along with good chemistry in the composition of the songs, in addition to being the member more durable and stable that still remains to this day along with his friend Michael in the group. By the end of 2010 and early 2011, the majority of the members take parting, but that didn't stop to Nazgul managed and Michael with their goals of recording of their second material. So during the following months were included in the band to Coseth Cruz together with Gina in the voices, in addition to Hector Martinez on bass and adding symphonic arrangements with Jessica Benitez keyboard as well, that started the recordings for a new EP entitled "Dante's Inferno" and was released to the market and on the internet in November 2011. The disc includes 4 promotional themes in studio and 3 live recordings; recorded, mixed and masterized in AG Studio, San Jose, in which include songs such as "Dante's Inferno", "Ophrys fusca (Black Orchid)" and "From The Ashes". During the following months, Gina, Hector and Jessica had already been withdrawn from the band. Phase III: In 2012 the band included to Marcia "Eva Ki" Perez in the voices together to Coseth and the bassist Erick Peñaranda, the group is maintained by promoting the songs on its last recording and inventing new ones for his next album, which would be their first full album. On 28 February 2013, the band returns to the scene as the only support band for one of its greatest musical influences in the Laurence Olivier Theater in San Jose, in which share stage with the Italian Goth Metal band "Theaters Des Vampires". After participating in the presentation, Marcia decided to depart from the band, so the band decides to keep Coseth as the main voice and only female vocalist of the orchids, but always accompanied by the growls of Nazgul managed for the upcoming recordings. The response of the public who attended the event was quite enjoyable for the band, which resulted in the band to concentrate their goals in creating a more defined style for new songs, with a more gothic backdrop and with darker themes. In this presentation were added to the band its more recent members: Azhazel (guitar, also bassist for the band of Black Metal "Mortigor") and Julio "Draconian" Salazar (keyboards, also of the past member of the Goth Rock band "Draconian Incubus")... 

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